Snippets of Kenya’s tech ecosystem and Women’s Participation in the Techvolution

Date: 4th January, 2016

Speaker: Dorcas Adhiambo, Managing Director of Girls in Tech Kenya

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Today’s talk centred on the factors that allowed Nairobi’s Silicon Savannah to develop during 2007-2010.

Mobile Money

Access to banking services was limited to high density population areas and banking. But the interests were too high for a number of people to afford, leaving most people to depend on friends and family traveling in from remote areas to the city to carry requests for money and cash back and forth.

However, after the launch of M-PESA every mobile phone owner was able to send payment, cash requests and pay their bills via the platform. In order to receive cash, persons would have to go to an M-PESA agent. The agent would have to receive a text telling them that they have to give this person cash.

Tech Incubator

At the iHub innovation centre, there is free wifi as well as conference rooms. In addition, there is technical training provided, and guidance for learning how to build software. This has led to a growth of startups across the country.

Crowd Sourcing App

During the dispute that followed after the Kenyan Presidential elections, a series of violence broke out that led to the development of the app known as Ushahidi “testimony’witness”. Ushahidi allowed for help teams to figure out the areas that needed the most support.

Government support

With the support of the Kenyan Government, there will be a construction of the Konza Technology City aimed at increasing technology development within the Green City in the Sun.

Looking at the imbalance within Technology

1. AkiraChixAkiraChix runs a technical training program that targets young women from poor social and economic backgrounds in Nairobi. This training program is the first of its kind not only in Kenya, but also in Africa, as it is the only technical based program targeting women only.

2. The Village Code is a project that aims to basically ensure that people out there without bias of where you come from or what you really posses can really get their hands on a computer and not only learn basic computing skills but advance them to become very good and efficient coders at early stage

Thoughts after the talk from the attendees

A number of us were impressed with the mobile payment system, and expressed interest in implementing it in their countries. One person noted that often when we look at technology development we tend to focus on the G8 countries, however, we can and should also look at the way it’s being implemented in developing countries.

Another person was impressed but the fact that the Kenyan government was so supportive, as in their experience gaining support was a very difficult thing. It was amazing to look at the way that professional opportunities are being made available for women, as women face a lot of discrimination, and we all are glad to encourage more women to follow their dreams. Video

Editor: Veronique Bailey– Postgraduate Student at National Taipei University of Technology 


Snippets of Kenya’s tech ecosystem and Women’s Participation in the Techvolution- Dorcas Adhiambo

Title: Snippets of Kenya’s tech ecosystem and Women’s Participation in the Techvolution

Venue:Mass Cafe 220 新北市南雅南路二段11-28號

Time: 01/4/2016 Monday 19:00-21:30

Dorcas Adhiambo, Managing Director of Girls in Tech Kenya is currently working for LakeHub as community manager. She was a mentor for high school girls attending Technovation Challenge and just spent 2 weeks in a village to teach 8-13 year old kids to learn Scratch.

She’ll share some of her experience on coaching/leading the women in tech community in Kenya and how the current mobile technology affects Kenyans’ daily lives.

The video conference will be conducted in English. Cost:NT$200/person(venue only, food/drink not included)

Dorcas’ LinkedIn profile:
Ted Talk to know more about Kenya’s mobile development:

About Girls in Tech

Girls in Tech is a global non-profit focused on the engagement, education and empowerment of women in technology and entrepreneurship. As women with the capacity to inspire and lead, it’s the organization’s desire to sustain an institution that focuses on the promotion, growth and success of entrepreneurial and innovative women in the technology space.

  • Founded in 2007
  • A 501©3 global organization focused on the Engagement, Education and Empowerment of influential women in technology
  • Headquartered in San Francisco, CA
  • Currently has 50 chapters around the world and over 25,000 members

How Girls in Tech was Born

Adriana Gascoigne, Girls in Tech Founder & CEO

Back in 2007, Adriana Gascoigne was the only female employee in a startup with 50 employees and decided “that was a problem.” Girls in Tech was born out of a need to provide a place for women to cultivate ideas around their careers and business concepts involving technology and entrepreneurship.

Adriana named the organization “Girls” vs. “Women” because it’s more “fun and lighthearted.” Men are encouraged to participate in its programs and share their ideas from a male perspective and join the mission to help bridge the gender gap in technology and entrepreneurship.


  • To address the imbalance in the tech sector and get more girls and women involved in tech
  • To get girls and women to think bigger and educate them on running a business, how to take risks, how to commercialize technology and encourage them to pursue their ideas
  • Provide early exposure to women and encourage them to start younger and develop a stronger background in STEM
  • Give girls and women the confidence they need to go head-to-head with their male classmates and colleagues
  • Urge companies to get involved, either monetarily or as teachers and mentors, and have them play a big role in developing future leaders.

Girls in Tech Taiwan

Girls in Tech Taiwan was introduced in Aug 2015 by the leadership team at Taipei Women in Technology. The initial programs GIT Taiwan will focus on are Bootcamps and Hackathon. In 2016, we plan to launch GIT M(Mentorship), XChange and GIT Work.